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If you are looking for a place where you and your loved ones can settle, then you have definitely come to the right place. Here at MalvernByDesign, you will find various places that offers a comfortable and peaceful environment that is very conducive for families and couples. There are also plenty of full time and part time jobs in the towns featured here, so finding a source of income won't be that much of a problem. Read on below to know more about these towns.


Being centrally located means that it's easy to discover the fabulous villages and towns less than 20 minutes away from Great Malvern by car. Going South West you can head for Ledbury, a super black and white market town with great shopping and a beautiful church. Eastnor Castle  is only a mile from Ledbury and is worth taking some time out to explore, click on the link for opening times.


Colwall is situated on the Western side of the hills, only a couple of miles as the crow flies from Great Malvern. It is a civil parish and is actually situated in Herefordshire. There are some excellent walks from the village up to British Camp near The Herefordshire Beacon. Another option would be to take the train from Great Malvern or Malvern Link stations to Colwall and then walk back via The Worcestershire Beacon and North Hill finally dropping into the Nags Head Pub for a well earned pint!   


Upton On Severn is a thriving little town despite the floods of 7 years ago. Take the river trip on a Wednesday to Tewskesbury Market or daily to Worcester. Only a fifteen minute drive from Great Malvern it's got great independent shops and a good selection of pubs, some of which are along the riverbank. It is also famous for it's Jazz and Blues festivals in the summer as well as the Upton Festival which feature some well known artists from years gone by.


Pershore is a little further away on the way to The Cotswolds and has a lovely high street, Powick is situated just over the River Teme and most visitors will pass through this scattered village on the way to The Malverns from the motorway.

Cradley & Mathon

If you take one of the many walks across the tops of the Northern hills you will end up in Cradley or Mathon which sit on the western side of the ridge.   The footpaths will take yopu

Hanley Swan & Hanley Castle

The Hanleys are one of the prettiest spots in this area and boasts two lovely traditional pubs, The Swan at Hanley Castle and The Three Kings Inn which originates from the 17th Century. Coming from the term "Han Leah" which means "high clearing" in ancient english this area is only about a 10 minute drive from Great Malvern and has some of the loveliest country walks on the East side of the hills. The duck pond at Hanley Swan is a real feature and a great spot for a picnic. The best website we found for this area is

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